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Polyester polyols

Product overview

Polyester polyols are mainly used in a “2k system” combined with isocyanates like MDI and/or TDI to make polyurethane. Other uses are in combination with melamines, acrylates, epoxy, etc. Our standard Polyester Polyols are based on different types of acids and glycols and tailored-made grades are also possible to develop for your needs. The targetted advantages with these technologies are the use of few raw materials and no danger thanks to 98% solvant free products.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania

Main applications

For elastomers:

For sealants, PU based on polyester is

  • tough and
  • waterproof
  • It is used for window sealants, joints, electrical and electronic components, etc

For elastomers, PU based on polyester has

  • durability,
  • abrasion,
  • chemical and oil resistance properties
  • It is used for rollers, belts for carrying operations, wheels for Rollerblades, hospital trolleys, rollers for printing processes, under-the-hood automotive

MEG, BDO, and MEG/BDO based polyester polyols are commonly used.

In coatings:

Polyesters polyols are favored when chemical resistance is required, acrylic polyols when long-term weatherability is needed and polyether polyols in application requiring resistance to water.

They are more resistant to oxidation and thus preferred for applications where there is significant exposure to ultraviolet radiation (PCM).

Most flexibility properties: one growing market is the coating urethane coatings for plastics are based on polyester polyols which display good flexibility properties: automotive interior parts

The aircraft coating also uses polyester polyols with high OH value and aliphatic isocyanates

Characteristics of our Realkyd® polyester polyols range :

  • Modern coatings contain polyurethane for durability and glossy aspect purposes
  • Polyester used in water dispersion for coating
  • Polyester used in 2K system for wood, metal application (primer and top coat)

For hot melt and adhesives:

In adhesives, there has been a technology change from solvent-based systems to solvent-free technologies such as polyurethane dispersions (PUD) and polyurethane hotmelt adhesives

PU adhesives will gain further market share from solvent-containing systems from under-the-hood temperature requirements in automotive applications

1,6 HDO based polyester polyols are commonly used in this application

Chemical name : Polyester polyols
Common name : Polyester polyols
Trademark : Realkyd®