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Resins for powder systems

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For thermosetting systems, Arkema, with its Reafree® brand, offers a range of carboxylated and hydroxylated polyester resins suitable for pure polyester and hybrid systems (Polyester-Epoxy). Hybrids offer very good performance mainly for Interior ​applications, while pure polyesters are suitable for both Interior, (Industrial grades) and exterior applications (Architectural & super durable)​.​


Among thermoplastic systems, Arkema’s offer includes: ​​
Rilsan®,  Advanced bio-circular polyamide 11 that delivers toughness, flexibility and chemical resistance, but also other High Performance Polymers such as Kynar® (PVDF), Pebax® (TPE-Thermoplastic Elastomers) or Kepstan® (PEKK)

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Additives for powder systems


With Crayvallac® additives, Arkema provides additives for many powder systems including surface modifiers and flow and levelling agents.

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Innovative materials for a sustainable world ​

Arkema is committed to developing a more sustainable world with an innovation strategy focused on solutions that contribute to the sustainability of the finished coating. ​Powder coatings are 100% solid systems, meaning there is no liquid, no solvent (even water), and no hazardous volatile components, making this technology one of the best sustainable options on the coating market.​

​For thermosetting systems, select Reafree® products can help formulators lower cure temperatures in order to reduce energy consumption or speed cure times to improve efficiency. Arkema also offers powder resins for non-metal/heat sensitive substrates.​

​For thermoplastic systems, the Rilsan® Fine Powders product range is based on polyamide 11, a 100% biobased polymer. This advanced bio-circular material is derived from sustainable castor oil and allows easy recycling of metal.​

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