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Lubricant Expo is Europe’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference, connecting lubricant solution providers with the full range of end-user buyers, as well as the entire chemical and equipment supply chain.
Thousands of engineers and executives will attend, and will provide a showcase of the latest sustainably focused innovations, suppliers, and service providers, enabling R&D teams and end-users to source the right solutions for sustainability-focused products and operating environments.

A world leader in specialty surfactants

With more than 60 years of experience, Arkema has developed a strong and recognized expertise in the field of specialty surfactants. Mastering alkoxylation and amines chemistries, Arkema will be showcasing its large range of non ionic and cationic surfactants, demonstrating a variety of properties such as emulsifying, wetting, dispersing, solubilizing, foaming control. Arkema’s additives portfolio covers friction modifiers, anti-corrosion, emulsifiers, anti-wear and solvents through targeted chemistries such as amines derivatives, phosphates esters and non-Ionic surfactants.

Our Non ionic Neoliens® surfactant is designed to be used in cleaner formulation with outstanding results in detergency and surfactant behavior to remove to soil for a surface. Neoliens® range is suitable for all kind of rolling, metal working and generally speaking industrial appllication. Non aquatoxic, biodegradable, his alcohol bio sourced is a real advantage and solution for sustainable solution.

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Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials

Arkema will present its Oleris® advanced bio-materials, a 100% bio-based range of C7, C11, and C18 oleochemicals made from the renewable feedstock castor oil through a process unique to Arkema. The highly linear seven-carbon chain of Oleris® n-heptanoic acid is used as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of high performance polyol esters (POE), showing very low kinematic viscosity and pour point values, low volatility at high temperature, excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability and to increase their renewability and biodegradability profile. These polyol esters find applications in the aeronautical market, in dielectric fluids for transformers and in cooling oils.

Oleris® Esterol A is a bio-sourced mixture of C18 fatty acid methyl esters (>75%) from castor oil. Ideal for use as part of innovative sustainable design, Oleris® Esterol A has low viscosity, good anti-wear properties and is used as lubricant additive for rolling oils and wetting agent in metalworking fluids.

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Oleris® Bio-Based
n-Heptanoic acid
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Oleris® n-Heptanoic acid is a bio-based, seven-carbon linear chain saturated fatty acid from a ...

Oleris® Bio-Based
Esterol A
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Oleris® Esterol A is a bio-based mixture of C18 (> 75%) fatty acid methyl esters processed from a renewable castor oil ...