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During this presentation, we will focus on hydrogen tanks, and how Arkema is working to offer new thermoplastic solutions. These tanks have very stringent security requirements, combined with highly demanding mechanical resistance, so as to withstand the increasingly extreme temperatures. Tanks are mainly made of a liner & composite wrapping. 

Liners need to offer very low hydrogen permeability while continuing to withstand lower temperatures, along with rapid pressure variations. These liners also have to be made through various processes (rotomolding, blow molding, injection...) We will present the material solutions that Arkema offers for this application.

The composite wrapping is a major element of the tank structure which allows it to withstand the required pressures. We will present how thermoplastic solutions drastically increase production cycles times, and open new possibilities for these vessels.

Key takeaways:

  • Challenges of Hydrogen tank applications 
  • High-Performance solutions for tank liners 
  • Thermoplastic solutions for composite wrapping

Speaker: Nicolas DUFAURE (Global Business Development Manager Transportation)

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