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Water is one of the global challenges of the 21st century, and a major concern for both man and industry. To mark World Water Day, this Sunday 22 March, Arkema presents its solutions for contributing to provide quality water accessible to everyone, and reaffirms its undertaking as a committed chemicals manufacturer to address environmental requirements.

Arkema's products for the drinking water cycle

Products from the Arkema Group play a role at various stages of the drinking water cycle, providing sustainable, cost-effective and ecological solutions.

Our products are used to treat raw water to eliminate odors, flavors and micropollutants during the filtration process. Our products are also called upon at the disinfection stage. Lastly, they also play a part in safeguarding the quality of the water right up to consumption.

Arkema is also involved in the treatment of wastewater, during the purification stage. Our various products eliminate in particular sulfur residues from industrial effluents, and facilitate filtration.

Our products are also present in the pipes that convey drinking water. They enhance the pipes’ corrosion resistance, and offer a real alternative to stainless steel while maintaining water quality.

Arkema, a sustainable management of its water resources


To minimize its impact on the environment, the Group is committed to carrying out a number of actions and to using the best available technologies in water management.

For the Group’s manufacturing sites, reducing the various impacts consists in optimizing the use of natural resources, particularly water. Whenever new facilities are built, equipment and systems for reducing usage are planned from the design stage. In the case of existing facilities, closed circuits are added.

Arkema also attaches particular importance to the issue of effluents and of the fight against water pollution. One of its main objectives is to reduce emissions that might feature high chemical oxygen demand (COD), as well as discharges of suspended solids.

Constant improvements are carried out in this regard through investments and the installation of effluent treatment plants. Arkema’s objective is to cut down 20% of its COD emissions by 2020.

In a world in which hundreds of millions of people have poor access to quality water, vital for life, countless players are rising to the challenge. Arkema supplies to manufacturers and to water treatment plant operators a wide range of products to help them address this challenge, on every continent. For Arkema, since its creation this has been a major vector of its innovation drive at the service of sustainable development.

Arkema supports the World Water Day.