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During Arkema’s Combined Annual General Meeting held on May 15th 2014 and chaired by Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, the shareholders, representing 63.19% of the voting rights, adopted by a very large majority all the resolutions approved by the Board of Directors.

In particular, the shareholders approved the 2013 financial statements as well as the distribution of a cash dividend for 2013 of €1.85 per share to be paid on May 22nd 2014. They also renewed for a four-year term the director’s term of office of Mrs Claire Pedini, independent director, and of Mr Patrice Bréant, director representing shareholder employees, and approved the appointment as director of the Fonds Stratégique de Participations (FSP) for a four-year term. The FSP, represented by Mrs Isabelle Boccon-Gibod, owns 6% of Arkema’s share capital. The various financial authorizations allowing in particular to increase the share capital, with or without shareholders' preferential subscription rights, by way of public offer or private placement, were also approved by the Annual General Meeting.

This Annual General Meeting was the opportunity for Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Thierry Lemonnier, Chief Financial Officer, to come back on Arkema’s highlights and financial performance in 2013, and on the Group’s long-term outlook. Thierry Le Hénaff highlighted the projects that will underpin the Group’s future growth, referring in particular to two major projects for the Group in 2014: the construction of the Thiochemicals platform in Malaysia and the proposed acquisition of acrylic assets from Jurong Chemical in China [1].

The full voting results for the resolutions will be available in the coming days on the website under the Annual General Meeting heading.

[1] Project subject to authorization by the relevant authorities in China and to several administrative formalities.


A global chemical company and France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema is building the future of the chemical industry every day. Deploying a responsible, innovation-based approach, we produce state-of-the-art specialty chemicals that provide customers with practical solutions to such challenges as climate change, access to drinking water, the future of energy, fossil fuel preservation and the need for lighter materials. With operations in more than 40 countries, some 14,000 employees and 10 research centers, Arkema generates annual revenue of €6.1 billion, and holds leadership positions in all its markets with a portfolio of internationally recognized brands.