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Forane 1234yf refrigerant gas will serve the future needs and satisfy regulations in the global automotive mobile air conditioning industry.

As background, the EU Mobile Air Conditioning Directive bans the use of refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential greater than 150 in new type-approved vehicles manufactured as of January 2013 and in all new vehicles sold in Europe as of January, 2017. Over the past several months, studies conducted by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) have re-confirmed the safe use of 1234yf, effectively reinforcing the EC’s Directive calling for the phase out of the current refrigerant, R134a.

As a leading supplier of refrigerants to the automotive market, Arkema’s position has been that car manufacturers have not been given a sufficiently clear view on the availability and supply conditions for 1234yf, and this has limited progress to convert to the next generation refrigerant. With this investment, the company’s goal is to restore confidence across the automotive sector in 1234yf and Arkema takes this opportunity to assure the automotive industry that 1234yf will be available in commercial quantities to meet the phase down of R134a. In addition in 2011, Arkema has taken steps to address the constraints limiting 1234yf’s availability with regulatory authorities.
Arkema is executing a two phase strategy based on proprietary technology: this first phase, based in Asia, is a project capable of supplying the emerging needs for 1234yf and a second phase investment in Europe with the objective to fully replace R134a after 2017.

Arkema is a leading refrigerant gas producer with global reach, adapting to a world of ongoing regulatory changes, seeking for competitive, environmental-friendly solutions, and eager to bring effective support and dedication to its customers.

* LGWP: Low Global Warming Potential

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