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Arkema is satisfied by the decision taken by the European Commission to open proceedings against Dupont Co and Honeywell International Inc. for anticompetitive arrangements and abuse of dominant position following the complaint filed by Arkema on the 1st April 2011.
The European Commission will thoroughly investigate with high priority on the participation of both companies to anticompetitive arrangements in relation to the implementation of the new generation refrigerant for car air conditioning.

Arkema will continue to fully collaborate to the investigation which purpose of which is to clarify the legal environement related to Honeywell & Dupont’s patents.

As a major player of Fluorine industry, Arkema is looking forward to the conclusion of the investigation since it has conducted during several years intensive research efforts in this area and is ready to invest in an efficient production unit as soon as the legal environment will allow it.
With this project  the group will support the growth of this market, as 1234yf, the new standard refrigerant for car air conditioning will equip all new vehicles as from January 1st 2017 in Europe.

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