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Initiated in 2018 by the French association EpE, Act4nature is a collective of businesses, public players, scientists and environmental associations committed to protecting, enhancing and restoring biodiversity.

As part of the transition to a more sustainable world, Arkema affirms its commitment to preserving biodiversity. We are taking action at our plants, innovating in environmentally friendly solutions and mobilizing our employees and partners.”

The Group has signed act4nature international's ten common commitments and has defined eight individual commitments based on the most significant impacts on biodiversity for Arkema throughout the value chain.


These commitments are detailed in eight objectives covering our 147 industrial sites around the world, upstream and downstream of our activity, but also our stakeholders.

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Arkema has long been committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its production processes. The Group is working to protect biodiversity and help preserve fauna and flora by reducing its industrial facilities' effluent releases into the air, water and soil.


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