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Water treatment has always been one of the core focuses of Arkema. As one of Arkema’s six R&D platforms, Arkema is committed to developing and providing advanced technology solutions driven by innovation.

The project aligns with Arkema Group’s sustainable development strategy and CSR policy. This initiative is also consistent with the CSR programs in China “Better Life, Better Future” brand and its Arkema Green Innovation Class CSR project, which helps young students to broaden their horizons and acquire knowledge from different sources, stimulating their creative abilities and boosting their comprehensive development.

Sustainable development is a core strategy that Arkema has always insisted upon. We are committed to contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), of which water management is an important sector. Through the Clean Water Project, we hope to effectively help rural areas in China improve drinking water conditions and enhance young students’ awareness of drinking water quality and safety.

These operations are part of Arkema’s Common Ground® initiative, which entails engaging a dialogue with our local communities and establishing long-lasting relations of trust with all our stakeholders.