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The Top Employers Institute is an international body that certifies the excellence of HR practices of companies worldwide. In 2023, for the second year running, Arkema was certified Top Employer in France, China, the United States and Brazil. This year, the Group is proud to have extended this certification to a further five countries in Europe and one other in Asia.

At the start of 2024, Arkema was certified Top Employer in a further five European countries - Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, thereby earning a Top Employer Europe label - as well as in the Philippines.


This certification recognizes participating organizations in their own countries as "benchmark employers". It attests to good recruitment and human resources management practices, as well as a good social climate. Arkema is now certified in ten countries that account for over 80% of our workforce and recruitment. 

The analysis grid used by the Top Employers Institute is based on the HR Best Practices framework, which consists of 350 questions on the following 20 topics: Business Strategy, People Strategy, Leadership, Organization & Change, Digital HR, Work Environment, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, On-boarding, Performance, Career, Learning, Well Being, Engagement, Rewards & Recognition, Off-boarding, Purpose & Values, Ethics & Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion,  and Sustainability.


Arkema is certified Top Employer in ten countries.

"This certification sustains our attractiveness and attests to the quality of our recruitment and career management processes. It bolsters our efforts to innovate and improve our HR practices in countries that are important to Arkema, and where we face major recruitment and retention challenges.

To obtain this certification, the local teams in the countries concerned go through a rigorous evaluation process including audits of every aspect of human resources; they have taken this process fully on board and I would like to thank them all for their commitment".

Thierry Parmentier, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources and Communications, Member of the Executive Committee.

On average, each year, Arkema recruits about 2,000 employees worldwide.

Created over 30 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has already certified over 2,200 organizations in 123 countries.