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Arkema has made further progress in the latest Forbes ranking, coming 94th out of 700 companies, 12th among French companies and 2nd in its sector.

We are proud of our progress in this ranking, which demonstrates our ability to foster a work culture that is motivating and attractive to candidates, as well as a climate of engagement and well-being for employees.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Arkema has appeared in this ranking, and the company continues to improve: the Group was ranked 113th in 2022 and 259th in 2020.

The survey is conducted independently by the Statista Institute among a large sample of more than 170,000 employees from 5,000 companies in 50 countries.

Participants are asked to rate their willingness to recommend their employer to friends and family, as well as their satisfaction with the company's corporate social responsibility, talent development and gender equality policies.

Questionnaires are completed online. The scope requires companies (or their subsidiaries) to have some level of operations or employment activity in at least two regions of the world, and all responses are aggregated under a single employer brand.