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A page is turned, but the adventure continues. Since 2013, the Arkema Group and the New Aquitaine company Lalou Multi have been partners in ocean racing, with the participation of Arkema boats - Ocean Fifty and Mini 6.50 - in the biggest sporting competitions, and in a technical collaboration, with Lalou Multi applying various innovative materials from the Group (thermoplastic resins, structural adhesives, etc.) to the construction of its boats.

Today, Arkema and Lalou Multi, Fabienne and Lalou Roucayrol's company, are delighted to extend their long-standing relationship through an enhanced technical collaboration partnership. The aim is to continue exploring the potential of the Elium® resin system for boatbuilding, particularly for ocean racing, by combining the expertise of both teams. The road to developing solutions that combine performance and durability continues.
As a recognized expert in composites, thanks in particular to the use of Arkema's solutions, Lalou Roucayrol's company will be able to pursue its advances in "sustainable" shipbuilding, thanks to a resin that is now proven, perfectly suited to ocean racing, and which allows the recyclability of composite structures.
The boats produced by Lalou Multi are real laboratories for applying and testing these new innovative materials in real conditions. A superb showcase for Arkema and Lalou Multi's expertise.
The partnership initiated in 2013 continues in another dimension and Arkema will never be far from the docks thanks to its innovative materials.