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Metalworking fluid additives

Our range of additives help to fine-tune neat oil and water-based formulations for higher quality lubricants: improved cooling effect, better machinery and tool protection, safer working environment

Our Extreme Pressure Sulfur additives TPS® are commonly used in MetalWorking:

  • Compatible with mineral and synthetic-based oils and greases 
  • Free of unsaturated hydrocarbon residues 
  • Grades varying from low odor and color, to colorless and odorless solutions.

We offer a complementary range:

  • Bio based Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear additives VPS® and Esterol
  • Biodegradable extreme pressure additive SPS10LS.


Metal surface treatment solutions

Our solutions for metal surface treatment are designed to increase metal parts durability and damage protection:

  • Albone® hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant used directly or in combination with sulfuric or nitric acid for pickling baths and oxides layer removal. Albone® is a very efficient solution to clean metal surfaces to improve the metal properties. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to fluonitric acid blends. Albone® is used on copper, titanium or stainless steel among others.
  • Thioglycolic acid (TGA) is an additive for coating formulations for metal surface cleaning and protection from corrosion and other damages.