Arkema at JEC World 2019

Arkema will showcase its unique offering of innovative solutions for composite materials at JEC 2019, Paris Villepinte, from 12 to 14 March. The focus will be on our latest developments, in particular our Elium® liquid thermoplastic resin which is compatible with traditional composites processes, and our range of semi-finished products in the form of high performance Kepstan®, Kynar® and Rilsan® Matrix thermoplastic-matrix carbon-fiber unidirectional tapes.

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JEC World 2019

This latest edition of JEC World will be an opportunity for Arkema to present its unique range of composite solutions designed for some of our key markets, with the spotlight this year on our offering for the transportation and construction markets.

Recycling Elium® composite parts is possible!

Our R&D engineers have joined forces with recycling specialists to develop a process for recycling composites made from the Elium® resin. This process, which is suitable for wind turbine blades for example, allows a cost-effective recovery of both resin and fibers. The principle entails the following: the blade is cut up and crushed before undergoing a thermal treatment to depolymerize the Elium® resin. 

The constituent monomers are then recovered and purified so they can again be used to manufacture an Elium® resin with the same properties as the virgin resin. The fibers recovered by this method can also be re-used in composites.

This possibility of recycling Elium® parts heralds a major development for wind turbine manufacturers, for whom the end-of-life of their installations is a concern.

Elium® resins: a revolution for construction

Prestressed concrete bridge, over the sea

Elium® liquid thermoplastic resins stand out in many ways. Their suitability for recycling and for a number of processing techniques, in particular pultrusion into rods and profiles, makes it an ultra innovative choice material.


This adaptability opens up new prospects: for reinforcing rods of armored concrete made of composites which can be hot-cast thanks to the thermoplastic nature of the Elium® resin; also for structural cables used in the construction of pre-stressed concrete structures and bridges. Steel cables acting as framework can now be replaced by composite cables: the Elium® resin is reinforced with glass fiber by the pultrusion process and several pultruded rods are then combined and thermoformed into a cable. The benefits are huge: light weight, flexibility, corrosion resistance, hence durability. A genuine innovation in the civil engineering, public works and construction sector, developed with the Italian company SIREG, on show on our stand.

Clean vehicles: thermoplastic composites for the manufacture of hydrogen tanks

On display on our stand will also be a hydrogen tank produced by filament winding from carbon fibers impregnated with Elium® resin polymerized by UV rays. Produced jointly with the companies MF Tech and Mäder, this prototype features the outstanding performance and light weight properties particularly sought after for this application.

Arkema composites are also semi-finished products!

KEPSTAN® : substitutes for glass and metal

Visit our Arkema stand at JEC World 2019, and you will also find out about our unique range of composite semi-finished products made from high performance thermoplastic resins: unidirectional tapes with continuous carbon fiber and matrix reinforcement: Rilsan® Matrix polyamide for automotive structural parts, Kynar® PVDF for the oil sector (Barrflex® TU), and Kepstan® PEKK for the aerospace sector (in partnership with Hexcel).


Don't miss Arkema at JEC World 2019 composites show, from March12 to 14.


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