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Arkema at JEC World 2018

At JEC 2018, held from 6 to 8 March 2018 at Paris Villepinte, Arkema will be showcasing its unique offering of innovative solutions in composite materials. The emphasis will be on our latest developments, with particular focus on the Elium® thermoplastic resins. Be our guest: Arkema offers you a code to obtain your visitor’s badge free of charge.


JEC 2018 is an opportunity for Arkema to showcase its unique and innovating solutions in the composites - combining thermoplastic resins, additives and adhesives - earmarked for our key markets: transportation, sport, electronics, renewable energies, and construction.

This year more than ever Arkema will be promoting its Elium® liquid thermoplastic resins that stand out thanks to their recyclability and their processability using a variety of techniques, in particular pultrusion, a manufacturing process that is opening up new prospects in construction. Come and meet us on stand V39 to find out about our latest developments!

Be our guest!

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JEC World 2018

Recycling composite parts made of Elium® resin is possible!

In 2017 our R&D teams were heavily involved in developing the recycling process for composite parts made from the Elium® resin via depolymerization. The principle entails coarsely crushing the parts; the Elium® resin is then heat-depolymerized so that it can be recovered and purified into a resin with the same properties as the virgin resin. Meanwhile, the remaining carbon or glass fibers can be reused.

Being able to recycle parts made from Elium® resin is a tremendous asset, in particular for wind turbine manufacturers who currently use non-recyclable epoxy resins to manufacture the blades.

A new 25 m blade manufactured from Elium® resin


Arkema has been working successfully with the Effiwind consortium to manufacture a new 25 m wind turbine blade. The infusion process used has helped validate the feasibility of producing on an industrial scale a very large blade from a thermoplastic composite.



Developing expertise in a new manufacturing process for Elium® parts: pultrusion

In addition to the Fast RTM and Infusion processes, the Elium® resin is also suited to pultrusion. In partnership with the IRT M2P Technological Research Institute in Metz, Arkema has developed optimized grades for this specific process. Expertise in this manufacturing process opens up highly promising prospects in construction, with two target applications in particular:

Concrete reinforcement


Glassfiber-reinforced Elium® resin rods can replace:



  • Metal rods, with the advantage of being corrosion-proof ;
  • Thermoset composite rods, with the advantage of being able to be thermoformed into shape on site to consolidate complex structures such as stairs.




Window profiles


Currently, window profiles are made of:

  • aluminum (rigid and visually attractive but a poor insulator) ;
  • PVC (a good insulator but not rigid enough, which requires wide and unattractive profiles) ;
  • polyester (lightweight and a good insulator, but unattractive as the reinforcing fiber can be seen on the surface).

A profile made of Elium® by pultrusion combines the rigidity of aluminum, the insulating properties of PVC, and a smooth and glossy finish.


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