Websites and locations

Arkema participates in the global product strategy program of the international council of chemical associations (ICCA). This commitment underlines its desire to inform the public about its products in a fully transparent manner. As a signatory to the Responsible Care® global charter of the international council of chemical associations (ICCA), the Arkema group also participates in the Global Product Strategy (GPS) program of this organization. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the public’s trust in the chemical industry.

Safety data released to the public

The Group has demonstrated it commitment by producing GPS/Safety Summaries – data sheets on product safety. These documents are available to the general public on its web site (see below) as well as on the ICCA web site.

What exactly is GPS?

The aim of the GPS program is to provide a reasonable amount of information at a global level about chemical product hazards and risks, and to then inform the general public about them. Due to the globalization of markets, this has led to the harmonization of systems to manage chemical products and to ensure consistency with national and regional regulations.

Europe has a structured regulation in REACH, which requires the submission of detailed dossiers to be able to manufacture, import or sell chemical products on the european market. The GPS program makes it possible to re-use these data in order to create the safety summaries. The Arkema Group has made a commitment to publish a safety summary within one year of the REACH registration of the chemical substance.

GPS – the consequence of the major summits on the environment

GPS is one of the consequences of the major international conferences on the protection of the Earth which were held in Rio in 1992, in Johannesburg in 2002 and in New York in 2005. An initiative resulting from these summits was the adoption in Dubai in 2006 of a political framework to manage chemical products in an international context. The Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM) aims to facilitate, coordinate and support efforts to minimize the impact of chemical products on human health and the environment by 2020.

In line with SAICM and in accordance with the Product Stewardship and Responsible Care programs, the ICCA has launched two initiatives:

  • Responsible Care Global Charter,
  • Global Product Strategy (GPS).

The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and national associations such as the Union des Industries Chimiques (UIC) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) have committed to these programs.