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THT Natural Gas odorant

Product overview

THT (TetraHydroThiophene) conforms to the ISO 13734 rule for natural gas odorization.

Arkema produces THT at our facility in Lacq, France, which is located on a gas field. This location gives the site direct access to a continuous underground source of H2S – a key raw material for THT production.

We continue to develop our unique gas odorization expertise at Arkema’s dedicated R&D laboratory, where our specially trained technicians analyze the odorant’s performance characteristics.

Safety first: we offer THT in specialized packaging, and we provide technical support, all to ensure you have access to the safest and most effective gas odorization method for your network.

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Technical Data
Chemical name : TetraHydroThiophen
Common name : Sulfide
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Latest news

Dec 27 2018

Odor-Tech LLC to be merged into Arkema Inc.

Odor-Tech LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of gas odorants in the U.S., is merging into its par ...

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May 26 2015

Arkema, the gas odorant expert, participates in the World Gas Conference in June in Paris

With expertise in sulfur chemistry spanning over 50 years, Arkema is the world’s n° 1 for gas odoran ...

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