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Thioacetic Acid (TAA) for polymer and rubber

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Product overview

Thioacetic Acid (TAA) in polymer and rubber applications can be used either as chain transfer agent or as sulfur donor for preparation of thio compounds.


The second application is mainly for the preparation of additive in tire industry.


Thioacetic Acid (TAA) is a low molecular weight mercaptan compound. For tire additives derivatives, thioacetic acid (TAA) is a reactive and selective mercaptan group donor.


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Technical Data
Chemical name : Ethanethioic acid, Acetic mercaptan, Thiolacetic acid, Thionoacetic acid, Ethanethioic S-acid
Common name : TAA


  • Low molecular weight

  • Reactive and selective mercaptan addition

  • Boiling point: 87°C

  • Density (20°C): 1.07

  • Viscosity (20°C): 6.3 mPa.s (cP)


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