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Thioacetic Acid (TAA) for fine chemical

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Product overview

In fine chemical, TAA (Thioacetic Acid) allows the selective insertion of a thiol group on double bonds, and mercaptans are obtained after hydrolysis with high selectivity.


TAA is also used for preparation of sulphur derivative for API (active pharmaceuticals ingrédients), fragrance and flavors,and metal scavangers.


TAA has a low molecular weight and allows to add mercaptan function on molecule in safe conditions.

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Chemical name : Ethanethioic acid, Acetic mercaptan, Thiolacetic acid, Thionoacetic acid, Ethanethioic S-acid
Common name : TAA


  • Reactive mercaptan group

  • Selective addition on double bond

  • Formation of methyl thioacetate group which can be hydrolysed to give the corresponding mercaptan

  • Boiling point 87°C

  • Pungent odor


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