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Spotleak®; Mercaptan blends for natural gas odorization

Product overview

Arkema has developed an odorant line called Spotleak®; a comprehensive range of mercaptan and sulfide blends to meet the odorant needs of gas distribution companies. Spotleak® products are specially designed for odorizing natural gas or industrial gases (e.g. O2 leakage detection to reduce operating costs due to those losses, and mitigate related safety concerns -- asphyxiation, flammability, etc).

We produce and blend the odorant components in Arkema’s Lacq (France) and Rotterdam (Netherland) facilities, and we also have blending facilities in the United States, Brazil, and Argentina. This global distribution model allows Arkema to be close to our customers.

We offer Spotleak® grades worldwide, and in a range of packaging options. Arkema offers a comprehensive set of gas odorization products and services; we provide services directly to our customers, and we cooperate with local partners to support all of your odorant needs.

Geographic availability
Technical Data
Chemical name : TertioButylMercaptan (TBM), IsoPropylMercaptan (IPM), TetraHydroThiophen (THT), MethylEthylSulfide (MES), DiMethylSulfide (DMS)
Common name : Mercaptan, Sulfide


Spotleak 1001 TertioButylMercaptan 80%
DiMethylSulfide 20%
Spotleak 1005 TertioButylMercaptan 30%
TetraHydroThiophen 70%
Spotleak 1007 TertioButylMercaptan 80%
MethylEthylSulfide 20%
Spotleak 1009 TertioButylMercaptan 79%
IsoPropylMercaptann 18%
N-PropylMercaptan 3%
Spotleak 1039 TertioButylMercaptan 50%
TetraHydroThiophen 50%
Spotleak 1420 TertioButylMercaptan 75%
DiMethylSulfide 25%
Spotleak 1450 TertioButylMercaptan 10%
IsoPropylMercaptann 70%
N-PropylMercaptan 10%
DiMethylSulfide 10%

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