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Luperox® 223V75 polymer initiator

Discover the Product range Luperox® peroxydicarbonates.
Product overview

Luperox® 223V75 polymer initiator is part of the V-series which dramatically improves the shelf life and SADT of the Luperox® 223 molecule, commonly known as EHP. Further improvements have been noted to the volatile organic content (VOC) emissions that result from normal PVC polymerization.

Geographic availability
  • Northern America
Chemical name : di(2-ethylhexyl) peroxydicarbonate
Abbreviation : EHP

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Environmental Impact

V-series products allow for the reduction of VOCs (volatile organic components) at the PVC manufacturing site, since OMS emissions can be eliminated.


  • Increased Safety

The V-series products have a higher SADT (self-accelerating decomposition temperature) than stabilized products currently available. Since peroxydicarbonates are among the most dangerous peroxides used, this improvement in safety is a major benefit.


  • Improved Storage Conditions

In many cases, the V-series products have higher recommended storage temperatures than comparable products which allows for more convenient storage, reduced refrigeration costs and reduced safety risks.


  • Better Peroxide Stability

Laboratory studies indicate that V-series products maintain assay better than OMS-diluted peroxides, even for periods of up to 12 weeks at temperatures above the recommended storage temperatures. As a result, the new formulations have longer shelf life.


  • Improved Resin Quality

Use of these new products allows manufacturers to produce a cleaner resin since the levels of extractables in the PVC resin can be dramatically reduced. This means there will be less plate-out on processing devices.


  • Cost Effectiveness

All of the benefits outlined can be obtained at a cost similar to that of current OMS-based formulations.





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