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Luperox® 101 for Polypropylene

Product overview

Luperox® 101 polymer initiator is useful in viscosity modification of polypropylene. In addition to the neat liquid, dilutions in white mineral oil or on a solid polypropylene polymer carrier are available.

Geographic availability
  • Worldwide
Chemical name : 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-di(tert-butylperoxy)hexane
Abbreviation : DBPH

One hour half-life temperature in n-dodecane: 140°C


Available formulations:


Luperox® 101: 93% active, technically pure


Formulations in white mineral oil:

  • Luperox® 101MO32: 32% active

  • Luperox® 101MO50: 50% active

  • Luperox® 101MO80: 80% active

Formulations on polypropylene carrier:

  • Luperox® 101PP7.5: 7.5% by weight (solid)

  • Luperox® 101PP10: 10% by weight (solid)

  • Luperox® 101PP20: 20% by weight (solid)