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Stabiram® bitumen emulsifiers

Product overview

Stabiram® bitumen emulsifiers are perfectly suited for quick and slow-set applications and others.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania


  • High emulsion stability

  • Large range of aggregates

  • Large pH range

  • Lots of different applications

Spray grade bitumen emulsifiers


The penetration application is the insertion of a binder into a layer of macadam stones previously interlocked by rolling to create an adhesive film. Subsequently, aggregates are spread to fill the voids between the binder and the aggregates and alternate with several layers of bitumen emulsion. This technique is used for new pavements, mostly base courses but it is also suitable for renovating old pavements thanks to its ability to stabilize an untreated course.


Prime coat

Prime coat is an introduction of hydrocarbon binder into a previously compacted non-stabilized pavement layer. Its role is to stabilize the surface aggregates of the compacted layer, to water-proof, to strengthen the cohesion and to prepare the lower layer for the wearing course application.


Mixing grade bitumen emulsifiers

Slurry seal and microsurfacing

Slurry seal and microsurfacing are used as thin wearing courses to restore the surface roughness of damaged roads. They can also be used as a new course on grave-emulsion or as surface dressings. They consist of aggregates with a very specific particle size, bitumen emulsion, water, cement, and, in some cases, a breaking-control additive. This technique is one of the most complex techniques in the paving industry. Our experts will help you find the right formulation among all the components.



There are two options to use recycled aggregates. The first one is done directly on-the-spot with heavy equipment, the asphalt is prepared as a cold mix after being fragmented. The second one is done in the plant as a grave emulsion. It is done for pavement maintenance when overlaying is not a viable option. In order to adapt to every possibility, we provide a flexible emulsifier.


The grave-emulsion is a coating technique wherein coarse aggregates are coated to a greater or lesser degree in a binder-rich mastic. In construction, the grave-emulsion is used as a base course and a binder course for low to medium traffic. It can be laid using a finisher or a grader. In this case, the aggregate emulsion can be used for reprofiling, reshaping and widening.

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