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Waterborne resins

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Capturing the challenges of today and anticipating the ambitious solutions for our tomorrow‘s customers’ requirements, we are continuously raising expectations in terms of performance, aspect and durability. As key properties of waterborne resins, our full range of technologies support your unmet needs to formulate with lower VOC and outstanding properties like ease of cleanup, lower energy use and multi-functional properties. Use the best from water!


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Acrylic (emulsion)

Choose the essential in your daily life! As a precise blend of water based polymers, this technology provides superior results to achieve your goals in many applications like industrial, architectural and functional markets.

Acrylic post emulsified

Upgrade gloss and resistance with Synaqua® acrylic 2K waterborne systems.

Arkema introduces a world-class range of waterborne systems, to reach very low VOC (below 150 g/l)  while keeping the advantages of solventborne systems : high gloss, water and chemical resistance, good durability, quick hardness development…

Discover our solventborne resins.

Alkyd (emulsion)

The good compromise!

The binder original from the combination of alcohol and acid offers low viscosity and good features to achieve sustainable and performance goals. Naturally built from renewable sources and from water dilutable to emulsions, we developed the latest generation of alkyds and polyesters supporting formulators and painters.

Styrene acrylic

Arkema universal binders for multi-substrates of application offer state of the art solutions when demanding durability, easy to use and environmentally friendly performances are at stake.

Vinyl versatate

Easy to use and good scrub resistance to glossy effect.

Vinyl acrylic

Excellent scrub resistance and good alternative to styrene acrylic or vinyl-versatate.

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