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Acrylic extruded sheets - Altuglas® EX & Altuglas® EI

Product overview

Altuglas International proposes two ranges of extruded acrylic sheets: the standard range Altuglas® EX and a more specific one Altuglas® EI for your applications requiring a strong impact resistance. Both ranges comply with the ISO 7823.2-2003 standard and are produced in Rho/Italy.

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The extruded sheets Altuglas® EX  are protected by a blue transparent film in both sides. The Altuglas® EI ones are protected by a green transparent film in both sides too.

The deliveries are in complete pallet (dimension 3050mm x 2050mm). If you need specific length of sheets, don’t hesitate to ask your Altuglas® contact (or use the ‘contact’ button in this site) for a minimum length of 1525mm and a maximum of 6100mm.