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A landmark event in the industry's calendar, Gastech 2022 will shape the future of energy by bringing the industry together to discuss the global energy agenda. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in Milan, an international centre of business with a thriving gas industry.

They will convey their unique perspectives on the current state of the energy industry, and ambitions for how it will evolve over the coming decades.  

Gastech Milan will provide a forum for exhibitors, sponsors and speakers, to showcase to a global audience, their solutions to the challenges faced on the journey to net-zero.

Odorants gas a solution Arkema

We offer the world's largest comprehensive range of odorants for gases and associated local services for natural gas (THT, Spotleak®), LPG (ethylmercaptan, Vigileak®) and industrial gases including exhaust gases in the steel industry and inert gases (Codetect®, etc.) The odorants supply includes a full solution, from a wide range of packaging to the highest level of support related to odorization for gas, Odorflex®, including trainings, dedicated R&D support, odor-free odorant transfers operations, analytic support, assistance and more.

Siliporite molecular sieves solutions by Arkema


Arkema is a major player in molecular sieves and a renowned expert in the Oil and Gas industry. We provide complete solutions and a wide range of products specifically designed to fit your needs in gas drying and sweetening. Contributing to a better future we play an important role in providing low-carbon emission energy solutions.

Arkema technical experts have developed Siliporite® range of molecular sieves to address the diversity of issues in your natural gas plants.

Our offer includes adsorbents and related services Technical support by molecular sieves experts:

-       Design and operating conditions for new unit

-       Start up and troubleshooting support

-       Training of operators

-       Unit optimization solutions

Our products

Codetect® industrial gas odorization
  • Product

Arkema has developed a full range of high quality gas odorants to bring your gas networks the characteristic "smell of ...

Odorflex® operational services related to gas odorants
  • Product

In addition to leading the industry in odorant delivery, packaging and product offers, Arkema also provides its customers with the highest level ...

Spotleak®, mercaptan blends for Natural Gas odorization
  • Product

Arkema has developed an odorant line called Spotleak®; a comprehensive range of mercaptan and sulfide blends to ...

Vigileak®, mercaptan blends for LPG odorization
  • Product

Arkema has developed Vigileak®, an innovative new group of gas odorants for LPG offering higher chemical stability versus Ethyl ...