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Glasstec sets new standards in every respect. Experience the innovation strength of made of glass, with a focus on the top growth markets  in the industry. Be inspired by the offers and  developments of the leading companies worldwide. Here, trends are set that will move the future of glass. For decades, glasstec has been the industry's leading  meeting place and showcase for technical developments. The unique presentation, paired with the new, groundbreaking conference concept at the glasstec conference, makes the trade fair to an absolute hot spot. Take advantage of this success potential.

Arkema is the world leader in glass bottle coating technology, not only for bottle makers, but also for beer bottlers, non-alcoholic beverages and mineral waters, and users of returnable bottles: 

Certincoat®, and Tegoglas® are two glass surface treatment technologies which are applied during the manufacturing of new bottles in order to make their surface more durable and scratch-resistant.

The implementation of the Kercoat® protection technology in bottling chains, coupled with Opticoat® masking coating, protects returnable bottles against scratches and marks, masking them when they do appear, and thereby considerably extending the lifespan of returnable bottles, up to almost 50 cycles, that is to say three times longer than for bottles not protected by treatment.

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Arkema Siliporite Molecular Sieves

Arkema is a world leader in the manufacturing of molecular sieves for water adsorption in double glazing windows using Warm Edge technology with its 3Å Siliporite® NK30AP powders. We are a historical supplier of desiccant beads for double glazing "spacer" technologies with the least dense Siliporite® NK30B0.7/1.0/1.3mm beads on the market, the least dust-emitting, and the most efficient in terms of gas desorption and water adsorption.

For Polyurethane sealants, we provide  powder Siliporite® SA1720 which is also widely used for the insulation of double glazing. We also offer solutions for VOC adsorption thanks to G5XP powders, a sieve with a very large pore opening, which Arkema is the only producer of Europe.

Sealants improve insulating glass

With over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of Insulating Glass sealants, Bostik has grown to become a market leader: each year over 50,000,000 insulating glass units are manufactured using Bostik hot melt sealants globally!
At this occasion, discover how Bostik's leading-edge sealants can boost your insulating glass units, and the performances of our complete range of primary and secondary sealants.

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Kercoat® coating for returnable glass bottles
  • Product range

Kercoat® coating is a proprietary wax emulsion concentrate for high performance returnable coating of glass containers. The wax ...

Opticoat® masking coatings for returnable glass bottles
  • Product range

Opticoat® glass coatings are a range of proprietary wax emulsion concentrates for use on returnable glass bottles. The wax emulsion ...

Tegoglas® cold-end container glass coatings
  • Product range

Tegoglas® cold-end container glass coatings are a range of proprietary wax emulsion concentrates for high performance coatings ...

Certincoat® TC100 hot-end container glass coating
  • Product range

Certincoat® TC100 hot-end container glass coating is the worldwide standard for container glass coatings used in the beverage ...