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At Arkema, sustainability is the heart of our business and it is clearly a key parameter to develop binders. As part of the R&D sustainability program, the resins development with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and specially a waterborne solution with high durability - high and long-term performances- is mandatory. These developments are under our ENCOR® trade name. During this presentation, we will present how our new waterborne pure acrylic technology could be a solution to develop premium paints and we will see in which various applicative fields - interior & exterior paints-, substrates,… our binder(s) could perform. In order to demonstrate that, different case studies will be shared and illustrated with a special focus on our last commercial product based on this technology, our ENCOR® 2787.

Session takeaways

  • Learn more about Arkema's R&D sustainability program

  • Discover Arkema's range of waterborne solution for high durability

  • Focus on: ENCOR® 2787 Hydrophobic Pure Acrylic, a High-Performance Multi-Purpose Resin for Water Resistant Coatings.

Speaker: Gregory Delmas (Development & Innovation Leader for Architectural Coating resins)

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