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Arkema continues to strengthen its High Performance Materials segment with the acquisition of Oxido, finalized on 2 March 2015. This company specializes in the formulation of organic peroxides used in the crosslinking of rubber and plastics, as well as initiators for polyester resins and hardeners, and generates sales of some €20 million.


With this acquisition which offers significant synergies, along with the project to increase production capacities currently underway in China and due to come on stream early 2016, Arkema strengthens its position as a leading player in organic peroxides, and offers an even more extensive range of products for growing sectors such as cable, automotive and construction.


This acquisition will also help support the downstream integration of its organic peroxide productions in Europe, in particular bis-peroxide for which capacities were recently increased as part of the development plan launched in 2013 at its Spinetta (Italy) and Franklin (US) plants to meet the steady growth of the synthetic rubber industry. Hence Arkema consolidates its world leading position in bis-peroxide production with its Luperox® and Vulcup® brands.


“This acquisition reinforces our European integration structure and our leadership in organic peroxides around the Spinetta and Günzburg plants, ideally complemented by the expertise of Oxido’s Anagni plant, a centre of excellence in organic peroxide formulation. By fully integrating the production chain from active substance to formulation, we are now in a position to further improve the service we offer our customers”, stated Jean Saint-Donat, Director Europe of the Organic Peroxide business.


With this acquisition, Arkema now manufactures organic peroxides on 12 sites around the world.

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