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Effective December 12, 2016, or as existing contracts permit, Arkema is increasing by 4 to 8% the prices of its Technical Polymers product ranges. The amount of the increase will vary across products and across regions as far as currencies are concerned. This price increase is due to ongoing escalation in raw material costs, as well as the investments that Arkema continues to make in R&D, compliance and capacity expansion to accompany its customers growth.

The product families affected by this price increase are Fluoropolymers and Specialty Polyamides

As one of the major producers of technical polymers, Arkema brings innovative and value-added solutions tailored to individual customers’ needs. Arkema’s Technical Polymers offering includes a complete range of high-performance polyamides and fluoropolymers specifically developed for the automotive, industrial, healthcare, consumer goods, construction and renewable energies markets.

With major global brands like Kynar®, Pebax® and Rilsan®, Arkema’s Technical Polymers business unit stands out in the industry by providing its customers with global supply and tailored regional service from production facilities and research centers in Europe, Asia, and the USA.