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Arkema Inc. will be at AABC (Advanced Automotive Battery Conference) in San Diego, CA from June 25th to 29th, 2019. See the latest developments during the poster session. We will be presenting a poster on our new electrolyte lithium salt LiTDI, designed as an additive for extended battery lifetime and improved fast charge performance.

Performance of electrolyte lithium salts is highly dependent on their purity.  Using expertise in both fluorochemicals and industrial processes, Arkema Inc. has developed two new ultra pure LiFSI and LiTDI salts for automotive batteries.  LiFSI has the highest ionic conductivity and is extremely stable.  These characteristics make LiFSI an excellent choice for all voltage and cathode/anode systems. 

Learn more about the AABC conference here



Ben Siegl

Business Development Manager - Fluorochemicals

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