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Building on its unique set of expertise in material science, Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class technologies complying with the highest standards for stability, purity and safety, while addressing the consumer needs in personal care driven by ever more sustainable requirements. Among its solutions, Arkema will present:

  • Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials: those unique building blocks processed only from renewable castor oil are key elements for the synthesis of vegetable-based & natural cosmetic ingredients. The high purity and 100% linearity of Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials bring advanced properties like high spreadability and polarity as well as natural antimicrobial and cleansing emulsifying functions. Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials are REACH registered, KOSHER and HALAL certified, GMO-free, COSMOS approved verified by ECOCERT. They are ready to serve as carbon-neutral building blocks for next sustainable developments.
  • New Peroxal® CS: the stabilization of Peroxal® CS is especially well suited to the various and most stringent cosmetic applications requiring a highly stabilized H2O2 grade such as for instance in hair products and nail preparations as well as in skin-products or oral hygiene products. Peroxal® CS grades are produced from highly purified hydrogen peroxide, thus guaranteeing a constant product quality and purity. They are available as 30%, 35% and 50% hydrogen peroxide solutions.
  • The responsible line of Sartomer® resins and additives for UV applications. These dedicated high quality (meth)acrylate monomers, oligomers and photoinitiators are offering good adhesion, high scratch resistance  and excellence of finish for UV/LED gel polish and builder gel for nail care. Those materials are easy to formulate and can be used for either top-coat, color-coat, base-coat or 3 in 1 solutions.
  • Rheostyl™ line: it makes a major step to reduce carbon footprint of cosmetics formulations by introducing acrylic polymers with a bio-attributed origin thanks to a mass balance approach. Rheostyl™ rheology modifiers & Rheostyl™ E polymeric emulsifiers with a bio-attributed origin will deliver the same recognized performances and contribute to reduce the carbon footprint of our customer formulas in sun care, skin care, color cosmetics and cleansing markets. On top of the low carbon footprint, Rheostyl™ E multifunctional polymeric emulsifiers provide benefits to meet the clean beauty trend with minimalist products formulated in cold process.
  • Orgasol® Cosmetic powder: Pioneer in the field of sensory powders, Orgasol® Cosmetics powder is revolutionizing the art of formulations to transform consumer experiences in personal care. The Orgasol® product signature touch is predominantly velvety and delicately creamy, as well as sebum absorption, optical blurring, matte finish and long lasting wear while reaching unexpected textures and intense colors. Two new formulations will be showcased on the makeup bar: Water shadow in red or brown and Halal highlighting cream, developed with Halal ingredients.
To find more about our offering, come and talk to our experts on our booth L 138
To find more about our offering, come and talk to our experts on our booth L 138