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The kit is the result of close collaboration between the Arkema Group's research teams and those of Lalou Multi on the optimization and use of innovative, high-performance specialty materials, and is intended for ocean racing and boating in general.

The products of Arkema and its adhesives specialist subsidiary Bostik featured in this kit are particularly suited to bonding or repair needs that can come up at sea. The kit includes, for example, impact-resistant fast or instant structural adhesives, high adhesion sealants, some of which can be used under water, and glass/Elium® resin composite sheets to repair damaged parts or fix water ingress.

Our skippers Quentin Vlamynck and Lalou Roucayrol, competing in the 2021 Transat Jacques Vabre, can rightly attest to the usefulness of these products during a race:

“In the 2017 Mini Transat, thanks to the SAF glue, I was able to reattach the keel padeye that had been torn off and gone through the deck, and so ensure that it was watertight”, Quentin Vlamynck, Arkema 4 skipper.

“In the 2015 Transat Jacques Vabre, the front of the central hull cracked following an impact. A significant water leak in the boat forced me to pump out more than a hundred liters without managing to dry it out completely. I was able to make a makeshift repair by gluing a flexible plate onto the hull using Bostik SAF methacrylate glues. This experience shows that it is possible to make repairs at sea and use adhesives under water”, Lalou Roucayrol, Arkema 4 co-skipper.

"Kit à partir" content:

  • 2 Bostik SAF30 5 Adhesive cartridges
  • 2 Bostik SAF30 15 Adhesive cartridges
  • 1 Bostik SAF Adhesive gun and 12 mixers
  • 8 Born2BondTM Repair Adhesive syringes and 10 mixers
  • 1 Born2BondTM Ultra Gel Adhesive tube
  • 1 Bostik MSR CA Easy Adhesive cartridge
  • 1 Bostik MS9 Super Bond cartridge
  • 1 Born2BondTM 6-in-1 spray can
  • 2 x 200x200 mm Elium® resin/glass composite sheets
  • 1 user guide

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