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Arkema is proud to announce that its new SENSIO™ biobased surfactant range received the 2021 ICIS Surfactants Award for Innovation.

The Surfactants Awards, which was judged by a panel of worldwide industry experts, tasked to identify and recognize projects, collaborations and great achievements by companies in the Surfactants value chain.

Derived from castor oil and readily biodegradable, SENSIO™ is an innovative nonionic biobased surfactant range designed to meet formulators and consumers needs in the cleaning product market.

SENSIO™ provides multiple benefits and enhances detergent formulations thanks to its unique cleaning and foaming profile, and enhanced user experience based on ease to formulate and friendly labelling enabling it use in demanding ecolabels.

Being recognized with this award is a great honour and reflects Arkema's innovation capabilities and commitment in developing efficient and sustainable solutions”