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Two innovative demontrators were designed and produced on a pilot scale: a smart label including an impact sensor based on Arkema’s Piezotech® piezoelectric material, and a smart counterfeit-proof label with conductive tracks and electrochromic displays directly printed on paper. The data detected on both components can simply be read via a cell phone app. Meanwhile, life cycle assessments (LCAs) and recycling studies have demonstrated the environmental benefit of these new solutions.

The smart impact sensor tag using Piezotech® material could find many applications in the short term:

  • in packaging of luxury goods, pharmaceutic and medical products to record their exposure to impact, fall or vibration during transit,
  • for people’s care in hospital and homes, where the tag can be integrated under carpets, floor tiles or parquet floors to detect falls or abnormal movements of patients or the elderly,
  • in vehicles to track accidents, in the military to detect falls and blasts,
  • in offices and shopping centers, to count people and detect their movements in order to adjust lighting, air-conditioning or heating

Our Piezotech® materials have been developed within the Arkema's "Electronics Solutions" innovation platform designed to deliver the growth of sustainable solutions in line with the UN’s SDG 9: “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.”

The collaborative work within SUPERSMART and this recognition by the Organic Electronics Community pave the way for a for a new sustainable electronics and a large number of new applications using our piezoelectric materials ".

*The other partners of the project are:

  • Institutional partners: CEA & CNRS (French public research laboratories), FCT (science and technology university in Portugal), FRAUNHOFER (German institute specializing in research in applied sciences), JOANNEUM RESEARCH (Austrian research institute), VTT (technical research center in Finland)
  • Industrial partners and SMEs: COATEMA (German manufacturer of printing and laminating equipment), ARJOWIGGINS (paper maker, specialist in paper recycling) and LUQUET & DURANTON (French medical and administrative stationery printer)