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Arkema unveils a new positioning and visual identity with the ambition of leveraging its innovation and expertise in materials science to help build a sustainable world.

The challenges of sustainable development have become inevitable, leading to an accelerated demand for new innovative, high-performance materials.

Thanks to its technological expertise in materials science, the quality and commitment of its employees, and the strength of its culture and values, Arkema intends to play a central role in the development of solutions that address the planet’s key challenges.

To achieve this ambition, Arkema aims to become a 100% Specialty Materials player by 2024. The Group’s strategy and unique positioning is thus based on 3 complementary segments with very high growth potential: Adhesive Solutions, Advanced Materials and Coating Solutions.

In 2021, the Group further accelerated its transformation, leading to some key achievements. Major milestones were reached in development projects for batteries and electric mobility, in bio-based and recyclable materials, and through targeted acquisitions in adhesives, such as the recent planned acquisition of Ashland's performance adhesives.

Our expertise in materials science is based on a vision of progress that we want to share and promote extensively. Thanks to our committed and passionate teams, rich in diversity and united around an ambitious, value-creative project, we are confident in our ability to develop promising technical solutions to support this wave of change in favor of a more sustainable planet, and thus contribute at our level to shape a better world.

This major transformation from a key chemical player to a champion of Specialty Materials naturally results in a change of identity and a new communication territory.

The new logo, with its modernized, curved letters, expresses a dual transition. The color gradient, from blue to green, and the evolution of the “K” to the “MA” of “materials” highlight the Group’s new core business of innovative, high-performance materials for a sustainable world.

To support the new logo, a new visual territory was developed, featuring “the actual materials” and displaying positive real-life applications of these specialty materials – in industry, in competitive sports, and in the daily lives of people everywhere.

This identity and territory will also shortly appear in engaging and disruptive print and digital campaigns.

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