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Oligomer & monomer resins

Sartomer resins for UV curing


Sartomer® specialty (meth)acrylate oligomer and monomer for UV/LED and EB curing formulations enable exceptional freedom of design. We work closely with customers to choose the best combination of products for their specific curing needs.



When exposed to UV light, free radical photoinitiators produce radicals that react with monomers and/or oligomers to initiate polymer chain growth. For cationic photoinitiators, a strong Bronsted acid is formed that initiates acid catalyzed polymerization with epoxy resins. These reactions are the starting point for the curing of UV/LED curable, high performance coatings and inks. The Sartomer® range of photoinitators is offering both free radical and cationic photoinitiators, as well as synergists, to enhance the performance properties of your solutions.


Writing a reaction mechanism on a transparent board

Additives for photocuring and EB curing

ARK_0013383_MD.jpg (Water drop)


Arkema offers a wide range of technologies, including:

Innovative materials for Sustainable coatings and inks

Solvent-Free Technologies

UV, EB, Excimer and LED curing are safer technologies because they are solvent free, have very low VOCs and are energy efficient. Learn more about the benefits of the UV/LED and EB curing technology on Sartomer website.

Bio renewable resins

The Sarbio® product range of specialty acrylate and methacrylate resins based on renewable raw materials enables more sustainable materials solutions. 

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Partnering for tomorrow UV formulations

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