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Marie, former intern

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Marie Petoin, I'm 22 years old. The goal of my internship is to simulate (on Aspen) the distillation process of the EM1 in order to improve the quality of the product (reducing the yellow color).

Why did you choose Arkema for that internship?

The first reason was to be on a plant and see industrial processes in a multinational company such as Arkema. I wanted to find an internship in Italy in order to discover another industrial reality abroad and I was lucky to find out an interesting subject on the Rho plant. Furthermore I had already done an internship in Arkema Marseille Saint-Menet and I was willing to do another one in Arkema as I was very satisfied with the first one.

How did your induction go?

The introduction went well, the technical team is welcoming and I enjoy sharing the office with Francesca Ferdani. Furthermore, Arkema found me a very nice place to stay during my internship which makes my stay easier and more comfortable. Concerning the work, it is interesting and I like learning informations and sharing with operators or engineers.

What difficulties did you have to overcome?

I had never used Aspen (only ProSim) but I had some help from my colleagues Enrico and Stephane, along with tutorial, so it was manageable. The major difficulty may be that it takes time to have all the informations I need to proceed.

What did you like best about your internship?

The contact with people, working in the field every day, interacting with the operators, understanding their problems. Also, working for a big Group but in a plant of a manageable size, where everyone knows each other, that is a real advantage because there is efficiency in working so closely together.

To sum-up: being on the plant, seeing the processes, the laboratory and sharing with one another.


What are your career plans?

Firstly ending my studies and for the ultimate year maybe find another internship abroad or find a contract in alternation.

Secondly working on a plant with a process team such as the ones in Arkema. Being in touch with the different teams such as production and HSE.

One of your qualities and one flaw?

Quality: I’m dedicated to my work!

Flaw: I tend to work on what I know because it is more in my comfortable-zone, I should try to open myself to changes and innovations.


Is there any news that you would like to share?

A lot more women have arrived in the plant in recent months and you can see a real change in the way the teams behave. The work is more serene in the way that we go about addressing difficulties. Women have their place in industrial professions!

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