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Lilamin® - Fluidiram®

Product range
Champ de blé

Most solid fertilizers display a natural tendancy to form lumps or to cake during storage and transportation, to create dust or to pick up moisture.
Whatever your constraints, the CECA Lilamin®/Fluidiram® ranges are tailor-made coating agents that successfully keep your fertilizers free-flowing, preventing caking, dusting and moisture uptake.
Lilamin®/Fluidiram® products are available in liquid form or solid form (prills or flakes).

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East
South America


  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Chemicals
    • Chemicals manufacturing
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Agrochemicals
    • Fertiliser
  • General industry
    • Agrochemistry


  • Fertilizer

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