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MLPC International is a world leader in the production of vulcanizing agents in powder form for the rubber industry (guanidines, thioureas, thiurams, dithiocarbamates) as well as in the production of synthesis intermediates for specialty chemicals such as carbazides and isothiocyanates.


Ekaland ZBEC PD

MLPC International has been developing Excellence in the chemistry of CS2 (carbon disulfide), CNCI (cyanogen chloride) and amines for 80 years. This range contains:

  • sulphur donors,
  • accelerators,
  • retarders,
  • various inhibitors,
  • various stabilizers
  • bonding agents.

Some molecules offer fungicide and herbicide properties. They can be used as fine chemicals intermediates in biocides.

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What about MLPC International ?


  • Automotive and transportation
  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Adhesives
    • Rubber
  • General industry
    • Agrochemistry
    • Lubricants

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