Cecabase RT®

Product range
Construction routière résistante à basses températures

The Cecabase RT® range is the reference technology for the production of warm mix asphalt (WMA).

Products in this range

Cecabase RT® BIO 10

High workability of the asphalt mix, Odour free, Biodegradable and mostly biosourced, Not dangerous to the environment and human beings, Long storage stability in asphalt

Cecabase RT® 945

High workability of the asphalt mix, Excellent antistripping effect, Flexible to all techniques and asphalt mixes, Effective at very low dosage

Cecabase RT® 2N1

Good moisture resistance even with difficult aggregates, Improved TSR results (mechanical performances), Removal of standard antistrip,Very good asphalt mix workability

Adding a liquid surfactant into the bitumen allows a temperature drop of the asphalt mix production and paving processes up to 40°C (70°F) in some circumstances, which turns into savings on the energy bill and lower GHG emissions.

The additive Cecabase RT® also brings better workability and easier compaction of the mix, for instance for the addition of higher rates of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) or Shingles (RAS).


  • Decrease application temperature
  • Increase mix workability
  • Liquid and pumpable
  • CECA Patented technology



Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
  • Building and construction
    • Bitumen
    • Road construction


  • Asphalt workability improvement
  • Warm mix asphalt production

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