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Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers

As an industry standard for over 40 years, Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers have constantly evolved to fit the needs of changing PVC applications around the world.  The Durastrength® 200 & 300 series are designed for PVC window profile, siding, and pipe.  Released in 2013, Durastrength® 350 which provides high efficiency in rigid vinyl products. It is commonly used for vinyl window profiles, siding, fencing and more. 


Following on the successful launch of Durastrength® 350, Arkema is now offering in 2014 it's newest generation of PVC additives - Durastrength® 365, 365S, and 380.  All of the 3-series Durastrength®  modifiers are designed for low use levels while yielding superior performance in Charpy and falling weight tests.  Durastrength®  380 is specially formulated for Ca/Zn stabilized PVC and is also useful in flexible and CPVC.

Products in this range

Durastrength® 365s

Durastrength® 365s acrylic impact modifier is a new generation composite acrylic core-shell material that imparts superior impact properties to outdoor vinyl applications. Durastrength® 365s impact modifier provides higher impact strength and wider processing window than Durastrength® 365, leading to unmatched cost/performance balance on the market. Durastrength® 365s impact modifier is particularly valuable in mixed metal stabilized applications and where double-V notch Charpy impact and/or falling weight impact resistances are required.

Durastrength® 367

Durastrength® 367 is a new generation of composite acrylic core-shell impact modifier that presents improved impact properties and corner weld strength versus current non acrylic solutions. It is devoted to outdoor vinyl applications. Durastrength® 367 unique and patented structure makes it our most cost effective impact modifier for building application formulations. Durastrength® 367 is particularly recommended as an alternative to non-acrylic impact modifier in applications where improved impact properties are required.

Durastrength® 382

Durastrength® 382 acrylic impact modifier is a new generation high-rubber acrylic impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding impact standards in durable vinyls. Even at low use levels in challenging applications like vinyl window profiles, Durastrength® 382 acrylic impact modifier delivers high impact strength, a wide processing window, and high gloss surface finish. The formulation has been optimized for use with Ca/Zn stabilizers and is also useful in C-PVC or flexible vinyl applications.

Durastrength® 506

Durastrength® 506 acrylic impact modifier was the first development in Arkema’s line of multifunctional acrylic modifiers. Designed to offer cost savings to users, Durastrength® 506 impact modifier is based on Arkema’s proven acrylic core-shell technology. In injection molding applications, Durastrength® 506 acrylic impact modifier is especially useful. Molded vinyl fittings makers achieve fast fusion and excellent impact performance without the need for additional process aids. This provides a savings in the total acrylic content of these vinyl formulations.

Durastrength® 510

Durastrength® 510 acrylic impact modifier is a multifunctional product designed to offer excellent workability, nearly flawless surface finish, and high gloss to extruded window and door or siding vinyls. Compounds including Durastrength® 510 acrylic impact modifier have improved flow through extrusion, extending screw and barrel life while increasing productivity. Users value Durastrength® 510 acrylic impact modifier for its aesthetic properties, weatherability, and impact strength even when used with high amounts of filler as is common in vinyl siding applications.

Durastrength® 535

Durastrength® 535 acrylic impact modifier (D535) is an improvement on Durastrength® 510 modifier (D510), offering faster fusion, and improved impact performance for the same use level (phr). The faster flow of compound through single and twin-screw extruders found in D510 is improved with D535, even without the use of additional process aids. These improvements do not compromise the superior surface gloss and finish offered to window profile, siding, fencing, pipe, and injection molded articles.

Durastrength® D36X

Durastrength® D36X is an acrylic core-shell impact modifier that brings superior impact properties to outdoor vinyl applications. Durastrength® D36X is a cost-effective impact modifier designed for building application formulations, thus providing an optimum balance between impact strength and formulation cost. Durastrength® D36X leverages the same weather resistance chemistry as our Durastrength® series, and is known to impart better flowability to PVC dry-blends.

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    • Films
    • Injection molding
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  • Electrical boxes
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