Vigileak®; Mercaptan blends for LPG odorization


Arkema has developed Vigileak®, an innovative new group of gas odorants for LPG offering higher chemical stability vs Ethyl Mercaptan. Odorization with Vigileak® 7030 provides the same alert level as Ethyl Mercaptan, and at lower injection dosage, generating significant savings for our customers.

We have also designed Vigileak® Z to fulfill even lower sulfur requirements, in order to be in line with low sulfur content regulations in countries using LPG for car fuel, and also for situations where local temperature make the handling of low boiling point Ethylmercaptan or Vigileak® 7030 critical.


CAS number
75-66-1, 75-18-3, 624-89-5
Chemical name
TertioButylMercaptan (TBM), DiMethylSulfide (DMS), MethylEthylSulfide (MES)
Common name
Mercaptan, Sulfide


Vigileak 7030 TertioButylMercaptan 30%
DiMethylSulfide 70%
Vigileak Z TertioButylMercaptan 50%
MethylEthylSulfide 50%

Geographic availability



  • Oil and gas
    • LPG (propane, butane) odorization

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