Scorch-Protected Powders for Rubber and Elastomer Crosslinking


Luperox® organic peroxide formulations with Scorch Protection offer flexibility to mix, extrude, and mold rubber compounds at high temperatures while reducing loss due to scorch (premature crosslinking).

Available grades:


  • Luperox® 101XL45-SP2: Level 2 scorch protection for higher temperature compounding of rubber and elastomers.  Recommended for mixing and extrusion at 140°C to 150°C.  May also improve mold filling for injection process operations above 170°C.


  • Luperox® 231XL40-SP: Level 1 scorch protection for lower-temperature molding or extrusion under 120°C, especially for articles with a thick cross section.


  • Luperox® 230XL40-SP: Level 1 scorch protection for lower temperature molding or extrusion under 140°C. (Available in Europe/Asia only)


  • Luperox® F40M-SP: Level 1 scorch protected  masterbatch of bis-peroxide with EPM rubber, calcium carbonate, and silica for mixing and extrusion at 125°C to 145°C.


  • Luperox® DC40P-SP2: Level 2 scorch protected powder of dicumyl peroxide for high temperature mixing and injection molding process above 160°C.


  • Luperox® F40P-SP2: Level 2 scorch protected powder of bis-peroxide for extreme high temperature processing above 170°C.  Sold as Vul-Cup® 40C-SP2 in N. America.

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