Orgalloy® - Polyamide Alloys

Orgalloy® products are suitable for the application sectors of engineering polymers: automotive, films and packaging, tubes and profiles, cables…

Orgalloy® resins are patented polyamide based thermoplastics alloys. The Orgalloy® product range is divided into three families:

- R and RS: rigid grades (reinforced or not)

- LE: semi flexible grade (plasticized or not) 

- LT: flexible grades

Others products in the range

Rilsamid® Polyamide 12 Resin

For over 40 years, Rilsamid® polyamide 12 resin fulfills the highest standards thanks to its combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Rilsamid® PA12 resin is particulary well suited for different processing technologies: extrusion, injection, and blow-moulding processes. Due to versatility and outstanding properties, Rilsamid® resin meets the quality requirements of a wide range of markets: automotive, electric and electronic, industrial and sport applications.

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