Oleris® Bio-Based
Dimethyl Sebacate

Dimethyl sebacate (DMS) is a dimethyl ester of sebacic acid with a vegetal origin.

Oleris® Dimethyl Sebacate (DMS) is a dimethyl ester of sebacic acid. Oleris® DMS has a vegetal origin since it is processed from castor oil. 


CAS number
Chemical name
Dimethyl Sebacate
Common name
DMS; Decanedioic acid 1,10-dimethyl ester; Dimethyl decane-1,10-dioate; CH3-OOC-(CH2)8-COO-CH3


  • High purity
  • Vegetal origin
  • Good reactivity
  • Easily biodegradable

Major applications

Oleris® Dimethyl Sebacate can be used as an intermediate to produce light stabilizers. It can also be employed as a plasticizer, softening agent and solvent for cellulosic resins, synthetic resins and rubbers.

Focus on...High performance light stabilizers application

Oleris® Dimethyl Sebacate (DMS) is widely used as a synthesis intermediate to produce HALS (Hindered Amines Light Stabilizer) which are light stabilizers additives:

  • HALS are used in plastics and coatings to protect surfaces and pigments against photo degradation by deactivation of free radicals. 
  • HALS enable to avoid surface defects, loss of mechanical properties, loss of water impermeability and pigment fading.
  • HALS are generally recognized as the highest-performance stabilizers on the market.

Oleris® Dimethyl Sebacate (DMS) can also be used as a plasticizer, like Oleris® DBS.

Geographic availability



  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Plasticizers
  • Consumer goods
    • Cosmetics / personal care
  • General industry
    • Light stabilizers
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Paint
    • Plasticizers


  • Paint additive

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