O-Scent OC


Used in more than 35 countries, O-Scent OC is an effective odor control agent for both preventive treatment and spill response. It neutralizes and masks any gas odorant very efficiently and rapidly. O-Scent is water based and must be sprayed to be efficient. The finner the mist is, the faster you will eliminate an airborn stench.

In winter time, when temperatures are below 32°F (0°C), you should use O-Scent Antifreeze.

The O-Scent OC neutralizing agent is a key product to develop a spill emergency protocol.

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Geographic availability

North America


  • Oil and gas
    • Gas distribution
    • LPG (propane, butane) odorization
    • Natural gas


  • Decontamination
  • LPG odorization
  • Natural gas odorization

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