Luperox® organic peroxides for Solid Surface and Adhesives


Luperox® organic peroxides includes a range of formulations for specialty markets including polyester or acrylic solid surfaces and two-part acrylic joining or anchoring adhesives.

Available formulations:


Luperox® PNP25: 25% active weight formulation of tert-butyl monoperoxymaleate useful for highly filled compounds in bath-type acrylic sheet curing process.  Phthalate-free and available worldwide.


Luperox® A98: 99% active anhydrous benzoyl peroxide for curing hybrid polyurethanes and silicones.  N. America availability only.


Luperox® APF55: 55% anhydrous benzoyl peroxide phthalate-free formulation for two-part joining and seaming adhesives highly sensitive to water.


Luperox® ALR55: 55% active, phthalate-free benzoyl peroxide formulation with high viscosity for two part adhesives.  N. America and Asia availability only.


Luperox® ATC50: 50% active, lower viscosity anhydrous benzoyl peroxide paste for acrylic applications highly sensitive to water.  N. America and Asia availability only.


Luperox® AFR40:  low viscosity, pourable, pumpable 40% active benzoyl peroxide paste with phthalate formulation.  N. America availability only.


Luperox® ANS55: 55% active phthalate containing benzoyl peroxide formulation for two-part adhesives.  N. America and Asia availability only.


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