Luperox® 101XL45 crosslinking peroxide

 Luperox® organic peroxides

Luperox® 101XL45 crosslinking peroxide is a 45% active dispersion of Luperox® 101 polymer initiator on a calcium carbonate filler.  Luperox® 101XL45 is useful for the curing of silicone rubbers, fluoroelastomers, and engineered rubber compounds under standard conditions above 170°C.


CAS number
Chemical name
2,5 Dimethyl 2,5 Di(tert-butylperoxyl) hexane

Geographic availability



  • Automotive and transportation
    • Polymer and rubber
  • Chemical and plastics industry
    • Crosslinking
    • Polymer and rubber
    • Polymer modification
    • Rubber
    • Rubber manufacturing
    • Vulcanizers and initiators
    • Wire and cable
  • Electronics and electrical
    • Wire and cable
  • General industry
    • Wire and cable
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Acrylic resins
  • Renewable energy
    • Wire and cable


  • Polymerization and vulcanizing agent
  • Production of wire and cable
  • Thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizates

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